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Nanjing is located in Nanjing Lishui Source Group Whitehorse area, is located in Nanjing-Hangzhou Expressway entrance Hakuba, close to 104 National Road, convenient transportation and beautiful environment.-4066.com Group Nanjing Source Enamel Equipment-奥门金沙88128.cc Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the parent company, has jurisdiction Nanjing Fuyuan Chemical Pipeline-4136金沙网站 Equipment Co., Ltd., Nanjing Germany Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd. Nanjing Source Chemical Co., Ltd. three subsidiaries, the total registered capital of 67.72 million yuan , covers an area of 125-4445.com acres, employs 350 people, with two foreign experts, technical management personnel 68 people, has developed two types of products with national industry standards.


Nanjing Fuyuan Chemical Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. Nanjing zhengyuan Enamel Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Nanjing Zhengyuan chemical machinery equipment co., LTD Advanced FluidManagement